The attorneys at Thompson, Dunlap & Heydinger, Ltd. (“TDH”) have been elected to represent the largest city and county seat of Logan County, Bellefontaine, for 36 consecutive years.  

In addition, TDH currently serves as the Village Solicitors to the largest and fourth-largest villages, West Liberty and Lakeview.  

TDH provides comprehensive legal guidance to these municipalities ranging from compliance with Ohio Sunshine Laws and proper procedure for City or Village Council meetings, to drafting and enactment of resolutions and ordinances, to public/private contract drafting, bidding and awards, to legal oversight of economic development projects.

TDH’s involvement in local government isn’t limited to just legal representation. TDH attorneys currently serve as elected members of Bellefontaine’s City Council, and the West Liberty and Indian Lake Boards of Education, respectively. TDH also provides public sector service in Union County, with one of its attorneys serving as a member of the City Design and Review Board of Marysville.

For more information regarding TDH’s municipal law capabilities, contact us at (937) 593-6065.