Personal injury disputes and wrongful death claims often involve the most difficult time in a client’s life.  Thompson, Dunlap & Heydinger, Ltd. (“TDH”) pursues these types of claims aggressively with the goals of early resolution and maximizing the value of a client’s claim from all available sources of recovery.  TDH prides itself on providing its clients with timely, comprehensive assistance with respect to all aspects of a claim, including interfacing with health insurance companies, prosecutors, medical care providers and the client’s insurance company.

TDH offers a free initial consultation and provides a contingency fee arrangement (we do not get paid, unless you get paid) in most cases.

Some specific examples of the type of matters that we have successfully concluded in our client’s favor include:

  1. Motorcycle and automobile accidents
  2. Accidents involving farm equipment
  3. Products liability actions
  4. Dog bite and personal injury claims involving other animals
  5. Slip and fall and other premises liability claims
  6. Medical malpractice claims and nursing home liability claims
  7. Boating and train related accidents

Several of our attorneys have extensive experience in resolving complex insurance coverage issues and in defending personal injury/wrongful death cases on behalf of insurance companies prior to joining TDH.  Consequently, our attorneys possess an in-depth understanding as to how these claims are valued and, thus, maximizing the potential for an early resolution with the largest possible recovery.  When an early resolution is not possible, our attorneys are fully prepared to competently and aggressively prosecute personal injury and wrongful death claims through trial.

To preserve the value of your claim, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible.  Our attorneys are available to meet with you at your convenience.  For an immediate appointment, contact us at (937) 593-6065.