Thompson, Dunlap & Heydinger, Ltd. (“TDH”) is your legal TEAM. We really mean TEAM.  TDH is Thorough, Engaged, Affordable and Motivated.  Our TEAM is ready to assist our clients’ with every need.

Thorough.  TDH prides itself in being thorough in its work.  “Thorough” does not mean longwinded, slow or overpriced.  However, TDH does not take the easy road by delivering clients with inferior legal product, whether that’s a routine will, a small real estate purchase contract, a multi-million dollar stock purchase agreement or representation during a multi-week jury trial.  TDH delivers thorough service and work product for all matters.

Engaged.  Too often, new clients have horror stories of past experiences with attorneys that were unresponsive to their needs.  Our TEAM is fully engaged in every client matter, no matter how big or small the task.

Affordable.  The TEAM approach not only assures excellent and timely service, but also enables TDH to do so cost effectively.  Affordability is relative.  Even our most demanding clients want a bang for their buck and we understand.  TDH offers expertise and service on par with the highest paid law big city firms and attorneys at a fraction of the cost.  Generally, our services are based on individual attorney hourly rates.  However, certain matters dictate different payment arrangements, including fixed fees.  At TDH, we work with our clients to resolve their legal needs as affordably as possible.

Motivated.  Our TEAM is demonstrated by our stability in Logan County and surrounding areas. TDH has been a pillar of the community for 50 years. Our lawyers not only provide outstanding counsel to our clients, but have served as leaders in the community for five decades. TDH lawyers have devoted thousands of hours leading various boards, civic groups, charitable organizations, schools and other community activities.  TDH prides itself in being available to our clients during and after work hours.  We understand that not everyone can meet during the hours of 9 to 5, Monday through Friday.  TDH is here to meet your needs.

TDH’s lawyers and professional staff have a diverse breadth of experience and skills. Our lawyers alone have more than 230 years’ experience practicing law.  We ensure that each client is matched with the TEAM member or members who possess the particular experience and expertise that best meets your legal needs.  We hope that you choose our TEAM to serve your needs.