Planning for transfers of property during one’s lifetime or upon one’s death frequently involves some of the most important financial decisions in a client’s life.

 Thompson, Dunlap & Heydinger, Ltd. (“TDH”) provides the highest quality estate planning, trust and probate services. Our attorneys regularly provide advice to clients on a broad range of issues, including business succession planning, transfers of family businesses, gifting programs, buy-sell agreements, life insurance strategies, valuation issues and general tax planning. Our attorneys will draw on the resources of outside tax professionals when necessary to provide the best advice to our clients to reach the optimal tax and overall estate planning goals.   We will assist you in planning an estate program to meet your unique needs.

The probate and estate administration practice of our firm includes services such as: assisting representatives of estates in administering estates; preparing federal estate and gift tax returns; ancillary administration; trust administration; and preparation of fiduciary income tax returns; other probate-related proceedings including will contests, trust construction, will construction, asset sales and guardianships.

TDH prides itself on providing its clients with timely, comprehensive assistance with respect to all aspects of estate matters from the planning stage, through trust and estate administration, and distribution of assets outside probate proceedings.

The attorneys at TDH have extensive experience in estate planning, trusts and probate matters and have proven expertise as to how these matters are successfully planned and executed.

Some specific examples of the types of matters in which we have helped our clients include:

  1. Probate administration
  2. Will contests
  3. Asset recovery
  4. Asset sale
  5. Estate preservation
  6. Trust drafting and administration
  7. Probate litigation, including appellate representation
  8. Guardianships
  9. Conservatorships
  10. Beneficiary representation

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